We tired of the pirate era after the saving of the world and sacking of Goldmouthe, so we decided to take a break and timejump. The time it was not just a small jump, but one far into the future. Several of us had seen and enjoyed the Joss Whedon series (of one season) Firefly, and wanted to play something like that.

I came up with Chloë Wasabe aka Chloë Freemont, a high class woman, educated medical doctor and xenobiologist, on the run from her past close to the imperial top, now finding herself in the very outskirts of civilisation practicing her medical skills on the poor (and occasionally on the more well-to-do to pay the bills). The story starts when she takes the job as xenobiologist along with her friend Rob Vanderhold, a Meck and something of a prankster.



Vi spiller i en periode, hvor alle racer er blandet godt sammen. Smukke Halle Berry virkede perfekt til rollen.