Victoire de Lessup aka Mylady was a one-play-only character designed for a weekend roleplay in 2014. GM Bo had given us rough sketches for our characters and left it to us to flesh them out and write up background stories.


About Mylady I was told that she was a noble down her luck. Some scandal had gotten her stranded on The Islands. I was to be friendly with the ex-slave and the cook from the beginning, and I would dislike the old sailor. My goal would be to be rich beyond my wildest dreams, to play with the others' feeling and never to loose face. I think I managed all three (not sure about the last part).


I wrote her a background story and decided that she would at all times feel superior to the others. That didn't hold all the way, but as a starting point it certainly worked.


Though she was only a one-play-only character she still developed quite a personality and a life of her own that continued beyond the play. As was the case with many of the others' characters in fact. It was a good weekend :-)